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Solar watches for men and women: best brands of [2022]

Here we will show you the best solar watches for men and women, both in quality and price of the most recognized brands for creating this type of watch – Casio, Citizen, Garmin, Seiko-Pulsar and Bering solar watches. Sporty, elegant and casual. 

There are numerous brands that have been developing solar watches for some time. Many of these stand out for their designs and models for men and women and also for those who do sports.

In this category we list a series of the best solar watches for man and woman with different tastes. Ranging from classic to sporty, which may be to your liking and why not? gift for special occasions and even own collection. This range of solar watches arrived a long time ago to avoid using batteries and reduce costs.


Pros and cons of solar watches for men and women

Before examining the advantages and disadvantages of solar-powered watches, we must first characterize “what is a digital sundial”. A sun-powered clock is a device that is powered by a solar cell. Daylight or artificial light is consumed by the board seated behind the crystal. 

So the dial is above or over the solar power board. To control the clock, the solar panel transforms the light into electrical energy. The watch stores energy in a rechargeable cell to power itself when covered (by a long sleeve) or during the night.

wrist solar watchSpecifically, solar watches such as Citizen, use lithium particle batteries to store enough energy to control the watch for a period of time without being exposed to light. 

To store enough energy to control the watch for a period of time without being exposed to light, allowing it to enter a hibernation (power-saving) mode. In that mode, recycling stops until the sun-powered watch is again exposed to light.

Early solar-powered watches made during the 1970s had unique schemes to adapt to the photovoltaic cells needed to control them (e.g., Synchronar, Sicura, Nepro). Cheap solar watches were first sold during the 1980s and were mainstream among children, often featuring popular characters such as G.I. Joe or Transformers.

Pros of solar watches for men and woman


Can be charged through any light source.

Some may believe that sundials should be charged only by presenting them to daylight. This is a misconception. A sundial can be charged through any light source, whether outdoor or indoor. 

Therefore, in addition to the sun, a sundial can also be exposed to incandescent or bright light bulbs to re-energize the sunlight-based cells under the dial.

Easy to charge

You can charge a sun-powered watch without any problem. Sun-powered watches are designed to transform sunlight and artificial light into energy. Just display the watch to any light source and it will start charging automatically. 

In this way you can say that a sunlight based watch is continuously charging from any light source (except obviously if you store it in absolute darkness).

Low maintenance

It doesn’t take much to keep a sundial running. Unlike a manual clock (which must be routinely rotated) or programmed (which needs movement), a sundial just waits for light to act. It needs no exceptional maintenance. The longer it is present to the light, the more it will keep time.

Prolonged power saving

Power savings may vary depending on the brand or model of watch. In any case, to give you an idea, a Citizen Eco-Drive solar watch is equipped to store up to half a year of force savings. 

This implies that it will in any case approach 6 months regardless of whether you don’t expose it to light. Or on the off chance that you store it in complete darkness for that period, which is rather difficult, hiding a watch from light for over half a year…..really?

Citizen Eco Drive watches are one of the best selling solar watches in this range.


Solar watches reduce the need to change batteries every few years or less. In addition to saving money, you also help save the climate by reducing the use of disposable batteries. 

Old and discarded batteries contribute to natural pollution. Choosing a sunlight-powered watch as your gadget means fewer old batteries that can dump chemicals and pollute landfills.

Long battery life

Unlike regular quartz watches that have batteries that can only last up to 2 years. You won’t have to worry about changing batteries in solar watches for up to 10 years (even longer). This is an incredible considerable savings in the long run.

Cons of solar watches


Slightly more expensive than quartz watches

As a result of the innovation behind solar watches, it is justifiable why the cost is somewhat higher than ordinary quartz watches. However, the slightly higher expense is defended as the batteries do not need to be replaced for the next 10 years on average.

In conclusion, as you can see from this list of advantages and disadvantages of solar watches, the benefits of owning a sun-controlled watch far outweigh the drawbacks. Sunlight-based watches are reliable, low maintenance, and harmless to the watch ecosystem. 

The innovation behind them is truly remarkable and is simply expected to improve as time goes on. Check out our accessories category to find some gadget to go hand in hand with your solar watch.

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