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The best GoSun portable solar oven, stoves and cookers - pros and cons

Do you like slow-cooked roast? freshly baked bread? homemade pizza? baked chicken? or maybe steamed vegetables? You probably do. Considering that you can make these delicious meals in a regular grill or oven, you’ll be amazed to discover that you can still make them efficiently and for free. Utilizing the power based on sunlight with the best portable GoSun solar ovens, stoves and cookers you’ll see below!

estufa solar parabolica

Portable Parabolic Solar Cooker with Higher Efficiency, Not only reaches temperatures comparable to cooking ovens, but also reaches temperatures 6-7 times faster than a charcoal grill, heat control, cooking without propane, gas, fire or electric power and no toxic waste.

This is thanks to solar GoSun ovensand stoves that have been around in some form or another for centuries, yet numerous cutting edge families have never known about them. Let’s take a look at why utilizing solar powered stoves, could save you a lot of money on energy costs. And thus, eliminate the need to spend too many hours each week preparing family dinners.

¿What is a portable GoSun Solar ovens or stove??

It is a grill or roaster that saddles and concentrates the bright rays of the sun to prepare food. It works like a clay pot cooking varieties of food for a few hours and little heat.

Most sun-powered grills can be used in two different ways. You can leave the stove outside and forget about it for a few hours, as the sun crosses the sky, the angle of the rays changes. This keeps the stove fixed at a balanced temperature. 

Another technique is to change the location of the solar oven every half hour, keeping it directly in the sun. Although this requires more attention, it also allows it to reach higher temperatures more quickly, shortening the cooking time.

For this reason, GoSun solar ovens and stoves are widely used in non-industrial countries, as they require no fuel and little water to operate.. Sunlight based Cookers International estimates that 3.1 million people rely on solar cooking for their daily meals. 

At the same time, it is fully adaptable to any region and place where it is deemed necessary to prepare food more economically and without the need to use fuels.


estufa solar portatil

GoSun Go: is the solar stove with ultra portable design, for outdoor use, weighing only 2Lbs or 0.9Kg, makes it the most convenient for travel, hiking, camping or outdoor activities, reaching temperatures up to 554.0°F in full sunlight, cooks a meal in just 20 min, includes stands, glass tube oven, reflectors and even a mini cookbook to get you started.


Advantages of portable GoSun solar ovens, stoves and cookers

  • Today’s sunlight stoves are profoundly productive, allowing you to cook or heat almost anything you would do on a regular roaster. Food sources that work best in a solar-powered rotisserie include soups, stews, dishes, meats and breads.
  • There are several benefits to using a solar-powered rotisserie instead of a regular stove. Solar-powered stoves contain the sun’s energy to prepare food. This implies that you do not need to use gas or electricity for food, which saves money on and is much better for the planet.
  • Another advantage is that solar ovens cook food gradually, the meals are more nutritious and often tastier than food prepared on a regular stove. 
  • Sun-powered stoves are also profoundly adamant about trapping moisture, which means that stews and meats are often more moist than when cooked on a conventional broiler. Some models also function as a food dehydrator, adding to their convenience and cash-saving potential.
  • Sunlight-based stoves make cooking easy. Simply install them, put them on the stove facing the sun and let them cook for as long as you need. There’s no need to watch the grill, and the food won’t be consumed. For busy families, this is a great advantage.
  • Using a solar stove is even fun. It is a novel method of preparing food and the cycle can be an extraordinary learning experience for children. Solar-powered stoves are also fully protected, so you never have to worry about open torch burns or hot grill inlets. This is particularly significant when you have children.
  • They are portable, if you want to use them on a picnic, carrying them in your luggage and preparing them on the beach or mountain will be a wonderful experience for family and loved ones. The fact that you have a portable stove at hand and that its only fuel is sunlight, makes these products wonderful kitchen gadgets.
cocina solar portatil

GoSun Sport: simple and versatile portable solar stove, Fast: cooks a meal in 20 minutes with sunlight, Portable: set up in seconds, gosun anywhere, Versatile: bake, boil, fry, cook anything and steam fuel-free and clean: no charcoal, no flame, no mess, bigger size for more food.

As you may have noticed, this type of gadget is great for camping days as well. So if you are interested in completing your collection of solar gadgets for travel or outdoor activities, don’t hesitate to check out our category of best solar camping gadgets.


Some disadvantages of solar ovens and stoves

One of the drawbacks of solar-powered stoves is that since they use bright UV rays to prepare food. They may well find it hard to get to higher temperatures in the climate and cold months, when the sun is lower and needs to go through more haze. Be that as it may, the execution depends on the model. Some solar stoves can be tilted sideways, expanding the angle and permitting the rotisserie to catch more of the sun’s rays from the cooler times of the year..

  • Cloudy weather is another possible disadvantage. Some models need clear, bright days to reach their ideal temperature of 350 to 400 degrees. Different models, such as Sun Oven, only need daylight that is bright enough to cast a shadow and reach maximum temperature. While other models not so much but increase a little in cost.

In conclusion: GoSun solar ovens are more than an innovative cooking tool. In case you cook regularly with your traditional electric stove, gas or other fuel, optimizing some meals with a solar cooker could save you a lot of money in the long run as an investment while taking care of the environment. It will also decrease your dependence on petroleum derivatives.

So, I invite you to visit the section of the best gadgets for home where you will find several gadgets that will accompany your solar ovens and make your home a smart place!

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