Farolas solares para exterior

Floor and hanging Lamp posts, for outdoors and gardens.

Have you ever seen those tall garden lights that look like a series of small solar panels? Those are solar outdoor and garden lamp posts, and they’re surprisingly versatile. You can use them to illuminate small pathways and nooks and crannies, or even as decorative backlighting. 

Best of all, outdoor solar lampo posts do not require any wiring, making them an excellent choice for outdoor accent lighting.

Similarly, the solar garden and outdoor street light is a revolutionary new way to illuminate your garden. You will no longer depend on the old and expensive electrical grid. 

Thanks to this, you can now harness the sun’s energy to provide bright and clean lighting for your garden and home exterior.

Therefore, these solar garden and outdoor lamp posts are designed to provide long-lasting illumination without costing the earth. As the solar lamp posts can be placed on some column, porch or entrance of houses. Also to decorate and illuminate the front door of a home.

Shapes of outdoor solar lamp posts 

Depending on the model, they can also be hung on hooks and the best thing is that they can be relocated without major installation problems. 

So, the differences between solar lamppost and solar Lantern: simply a Lantern is like a box of four glass walls with a vent and in the center is placed the lighting, (in this case we are talking about an installation with photovoltaic cells). 

Consequently, solar lanterns also have the versatility to be placed on a pole to make the lighting wider, they are great for patio and garden centers, even hallways and corridors for people! 

And in other words, a street lamp or lamp post is a lantern with a wider spectrum of light, since it has several arms and therefore is larger in size, are conducive to install them in squares and sidewalks or public places, even if you have a large garden, are excellent for these spaces, see below:

farol de luz solar para jardin

Greluna 67 inch outdoor solar lamppost, vintage street lights for lawn, pathways, driveway, front/back door, walkways, corners.

farola solar de 3 cabezas

Greluna 71.7 inch outdoor solar street light, easy to install triple head solar lamp, perfect solar light for garden, sidewalks, garages, patios, driveways/walkways.

gadget farol solar en maceta

Kemeco - 6 LED cast aluminum solar lamppost with planter or arms for outdoor, street, patios, garden, automatic ignition, high efficiency lighting.

luz solar para exteriores

Sunpo - solar lantern for outdoors and landscapes, with approximately 8h or more illumination, IP44 weatherproof material, easy installation, for patios, gardens, driveways, decoration, walkways, home entrances/exits.

farol de luz solar para exteriores

Kemeco - Pole-less solar street light, quality cast aluminum with 3.0 inch base for mounting on outdoor garden pole, roofs, walls, decks, terraces, gardens. Automatic solar powered, press the switch button under the solar panel to the ON position. This lamp turns on automatically at dusk, charged by 3 Ni-MH 2300 mAh rechargeable batteries. Energy saving and warm white light: 12 SMD high power enhanced LEDs, shines at 130 ~ 150 lumens, depends on your geographical location and weather conditions, make sure the light is in a place where it can receive full sunlight.

gadget farol solar de vidrio

Home Zone - solar lanterns without pole, excellent modern design, very good material quality, cast aluminum with 3.0 inch base for mounting on outdoor garden pole, roofs, walls, terraces, gardens.

Luz solar exterior y jardin

Wall lamp, solar with light sensor, IP44 waterproof, outdoor wall lantern, hexagonal led wall lamp, garage, front porch, fences, yard.

Luz solar exterior y jardin

Home Zone - solar street light, easy installation, automatic on sensor for dusk and dawn, 3000K light, ideal for around the home, patios, gardens, sidewalks and more. Durable material for outdoor environments with perfect placement of its solar panels so that the sun's rays fall directly and recharge the bulb.

gadget linterna solar para colgar

Deraysion wall lantern, solar outdoor hanging lights, 20 lumens heavy glass wall lanterns and stainless steel porch lights, high quality material, waterproof, auto turn on. Perfect for driveways and main entrances.

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