Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

If you are here, you may be wondering what the advantages of solar energy are, what it is and the existing types of solar energy, because it is all the energy obtained from solar radiation that reaches the Earth in the form of light, heat or ultraviolet rays. 

This type of energy is clean and renewable, since its source, the sun, is nothing less than an unlimited resource. 

To transform solar energy into electrical energy, the electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun is collected by various means (thermal collectors, photovoltaic cells, etc.).

It can be harnessed in two ways: by thermal conversion, which consists of transforming solar energy into thermal energy. Photovoltaic conversion, in which solar panels are used to collect light energy and convert it into electrical energy.

In this way the energy coming from the sun has been used by human beings. And since ancient times in multiple ways, including the oldest and most common which is the simple and direct use of sunlight to dry objects and fabrics. 

All this, through the thermal energy produced by direct rays on a surface.

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Importance of solar energy

This energy is important for the planet because it is a renewable energy resource that could reduce our dependence on highly polluting fossil fuels. In addition, it helps sustainable development, reduces pollution and reduces environmental impact.

There are two classifications of solar energy; passive energy and active energy, depending on how it is captured, converted and used.

  • Active solar energy: It is supported by photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collectors, thus absorbing and collecting energy.
  • Passive solar energy: It is simply the one that uses the so-called bioclimatic architecture, it is designed to capture solar energy directly and thus take advantage of it.

Types of solar energy

With technological advances, green energy has been harnessed in different ways and, in turn, has learned to adapt it to the specific needs of human beings, this is divided into: 

Photovoltaic power

It is the one that takes advantage of solar radiation to transform it into electricity. It uses semiconductor panels (photovoltaic solar panels) with silicon cells that transform sunlight and heat into electricity. It is the most developed source of solar energy today and is used in many homes and industries. 

Solar thermal energy


Solar thermal or solar thermal energy uses the sun’s heat to produce hot water for domestic consumption and various purposes (cooking, heating, sanitary use, etc.). The most important are: direct heating of liquids and gases.


Concentrated Solar Thermal Power (CSP)


A type of solar thermal energy that uses mirrors to concentrate sunlight onto a small surface area. Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems produce heat or electricity using hundreds of mirrors. 


These concentrate the sun’s rays at temperatures ranging from 400 to 1,000º C. There is a wide variety of mirror shapes, methods of tracking the sun and generating useful energy, but they all operate on the same principle.




hybrid solar energy


Hybrid solar power is when two energy sources are brought together to produce electricity from a hybrid. A common example is a diesel-photovoltaic hybrid system, combining photovoltaic (PV) power with diesel generators.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Like any system, solar energy and its devices do not escape from their respective comparative advantages and disadvantages. Obviously some will be more or less depending on the geographical location and place where they are installed or used. 

Here we show you some of the most characteristic details that could be compiled from different sources and even, of own use of some of them.

Advantages of solar energy 🟢 

  • Inexpensive and simple maintenance. Maintaining solar panels is inexpensive and, above all, very simple.
  • Its operation is totally silent. Therefore, you can install them in your house without any problem since they do not generate any kind of nuisance. This is undoubtedly another of the great benefits of using solar energy.
  • Regardless of location or conditions, it allows you to have electricity wherever you live. You will not depend on any electrical grid and why? It’s solar energy!
  • It is a totally profitable bet, your investment is recoverable.
  • Solar panels have a useful life of more than twenty years. Some even reach forty years.
  • Revalue your land or house. When selling a property, it is an added value that it has its own self-consumption system, a great attraction for sales.
  • It is renewable and clean energy, during its transformation process, it does not pollute, contributes to ecological protection and reduces dependence on fossil fuels and batteries.
  • By investing in self-consumption, you will always have the source of solar energy available, sunlight is inexhaustible.
  • One of the best advantages of solar energy is that you do not depend on products or electricity companies, reducing costs enormously in your economy.

Disadvantages of solar energy 🔴

  • Some installation costs are not cheap, depending on the size and the need, although it is recovered, some installations require a good initial investment.
  • It depends on weather conditions; this type of energy requires sunlight, but in places with fog and abundant clouds it will be more complicated to be efficient.
  • It is not constant, since it fluctuates throughout the day and is not available at night. To avoid this disadvantage, energy storage must be used. Its effectiveness is also lower during the winter months.

Gadgets that run on solar energy

For some years now, there has been an imperative need for the use of “handheld” devices or accessories that can be easily transported. Either by its structure, weight or size and comfortable so as not to generate discomfort. 

Faced with a mobilized and technology-dependent lifestyle, a new generation of small-scale sustainable devices is emerging. 

These devices or Gadgets have become an essential part of human actions. So they have been gradually adapted and improved over time, and thus, increasingly optimizing their uses for thousands of daily activities.

gadgets solar calculadora

A Gadget is a device that has a specific purpose and function, usually of small proportions, that is both practical and novel. 

Gadgets are usually more cleverly designed than mainstream technology. The solar gadget combines technology with modern and smart designs, especially to suit an urban and eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Also, being linked with clean technologies and resorting to renewable energy sources for its execution. 

The manufacture of solar gadgets is a process that is carried out through an analysis of the impacts relevant to the product during its life cycle, ranging from the extraction of raw materials to the final disposal of the product.

And in this same field, today we know an infinite number of devices and a whole range of varieties which I will show you in this website. Not only the accessory type, great to carry with you but for home use and other activities, so you can choose your right gadget. 

Obviously this range is not just any, it is specifically the range of gadgets that work with solar energy, so you can use them in your day to day needs, work, personal and entertainment. 

So I invite you to take a tour through our list of gadgets devices, to observe their features and help you decide which one you are looking for and which one best suits your needs, as well as a direct and secure link to purchase it directly from the store.

If you are thinking about green energy and the advantages of solar energy, you may be weighing the costs and benefits. Is solar energy right for you? Would it be a good idea for you to exploit this alternative? Are solar panels a good investment?

Solar panels cost money, both parts and installation. However, sunlight-based energy offers some far-reaching advantages and uses:

Sun-oriented ones get a good deal on energy bills since the sun’s energy is used. The expense of sun-powered energy is not quite the expense of energy supplied by another means. 

As power costs go up in your utility organization, the measure of your solar power reserve funds increases. Some customers can significantly decrease or essentially eliminate their energy costs with solar.

paneles solares

Sun energy based motivations: Taxes from some governments reduce a specific level of your establishment’s costs without limit, can help make your framework more moderate. Sunlight based renewable energy credits (SRECs) gives you an extra source of income.

Anything sun oriented enhances the estimation of the home. Purchasers like to see this technology since it implies they can stress less about electrical expenses. Home appraisers frequently esteem a sun based power framework over and above the parts and establishment expenses. 

The most astounding aspect is that it won’t deteriorate in the same way as rebuilding a room. Your private sun oriented energy panel will enhance your home’s estimation for a long time.

Recoup your investment! Numerous customers find that they can recoup the money they have invested in their nearby installation in just a couple of years. paneles solares

Universes offer many options, you can go off-grid or stay on-grid by selling excess energy. You can introduce sunlight based panels on your roof or you can have a panel installed on the ground. You can even use sunlight as a backup source for the electric power you use.

Sunlight is a sustainable energy source. You don’t have to stress about the rising costs of oil derivatives or the natural effect of consuming non-renewable energy sources. 

You start saving immediately, you can see the consequences of switching to solar energy quickly, so you don’t need to wait to start appreciating the benefits.

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