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The best solar accessories of [2022]: Generators, solar chargers for phones and more...

In this category it has been decided to tell a little about the type of solar items that we would use as accessories to carry at all times with us. Such as Generators and portable solar chargers for cell phones.

And not only to remote or vacation sites, as you can find in the camping gadgets section for example. But for places like the office (even if your office is in your own home), meetings, schools, university, etc.

Or simply wherever you need to have at hand and at your convenience these tools for daily use.  

In this collection you will see a series of solar gadgets that can be very useful at all times, because of their features, literally speaking, they are portable!

teclado solar para ordenador

Elegant solar keyboard Logitech brand, compatible with MAC, model Awerty, totally wireless, with light panel to keep it always charged, silver color, ultra slim design, with USB port.

teclado solar para ordenador

Logitech Qwerty solar keyboard, works with light. Functional keyboard adds style to your workspace. Concave key cap design for faster typing, quieter and more comfortable, ultra-lightweight, with USB mouse connector.

cargador solar portatil plegable

BigBlue solar charger of solar panels, lightweight, higher charging efficiency, with USB ports, compatible with connectors of several types of devices, foldable and easy to carry, digital ammeter and built-in chip.

cargador solar portatil plegable

VITCOCO Solar Charger 29W, IPX4 Foldable and Waterproof Panel Plate, polycrystalline panels for higher conversion, fast and smart charging, USB ports adapted for simultaneous charging, pockets and compartments.

Comparison chart of the best portable solar chargers or Power Banks from Amazon for phones and any other mobile device.

cargador solar de telefono

Qi solar charger

Wireless solar charger green color, waterproof IP54.

cargador solar portatil

Qi solar charger

Orange solar charger with high capacity and light weight.

cargador solar portatil

Qi wireless solar charger

DJROLL portable solar charger, dual port, waterproof IP66.

Portable solar generators

A solar generator is really equivalent to a common generator, therefore, they are a portable supply of power and electrical energy, but what is the difference? 

This is simple, it is simply the source of that energy. And is that the generators based on solar energy use, instead of fuel or diesel, solar panel cells to absorb the sun’s energy. 

This energy is then stored in a battery to be accessible when needed. 

For example, because of a power outage or in case you are in a place without access to the grid (mountains, beaches, boat, etc.) or simply if you want to save on electricity from your home!

And it is important to keep in mind an idea that may seem obvious, but is significant: a solar generator does not “produce” energy, like fuel generators. Rather, it stores it beforehand and then makes it available to you. 

This is an important point, since this type of device has its benefits but also some drawbacks, as we will see here..

Solar generators vs. fuel generators

Solar generators offer extraordinary adaptability. They will give us an imponderable response in case we are on a trip, by the sea or in case we are exploring nature. 

Even if there is a weekend event at home or on the farm, as long as no power-intensive appliances are connected.

However, if the idea is to have a backup system for the house or for the use of large devices, it may not be enough. The best advice: always find out your power needs before buying a generator.

generador electrico solar portatil

FLYLINKTECH 75000mAh solar generator, large power capacity for various electrical equipment, 2 AC 2 DC Outlets 4 USB Ports, digital display to monitor charge and appliances, charge stabilizer, can be taken anywhere.

generador solar portatil

300 W solar generator, FlashFish 60000 mAh portable power station camping potable generator, CPAP battery recharged by solar panel, the silver housing is metal and the black ends are plastic, more durable than other solar generators, adjustable for travel.

Among the many advantages of portable solar generators and chargers is that they are free energy, from the moment you purchase a product powered only by solar energy. Right from that moment you stop spending money on another source and dependence on electrical energy.

  • Another advantage is that we are talking about silent energy, totally clean without toxic fumes or polluting materials, totally avoiding the use of fossil fuel burning and these generators are more stealthy than conventional ones.
  • They do not need so much maintenance since they do not have or depend on an excessive amount of wiring or fuel, theoretically we are talking about almost no maintenance and total security.

In the middle of the advantages and disadvantages is cost. Portable solar generators are more expensive than conventional generators for obvious reasons. 

But, taking into account that after the initial investment, you will never pay for electricity from another source or company again. It becomes less of a concern and becomes a great savings that will gradually amortize all expenses.

  • As a disadvantage we can point that some have limited capacity, so they are very useful for emergency situations or any need, even to reduce electricity costs at home, using them together, so the goal is achieved.
  • But if you have in mind a backup equipment for the home for example, or to feed many electronic devices, it is not a very recommendable option unless you have constant sunlight.
  • This is another disadvantage, the charging can be somewhat slow and depends on the sun, even at the point where the energy it processed is consumed, it needs to be charged again, so it is advisable to have it also as a plan B, everything will depend on the need.

So speaking, if we read carefully we can conclude that everything will depend on the need we have to have a solar generator equipment. 

The important thing is to take into account the use that will be given and definitely choose the best option for home or outdoor activities. 

The truth is that either way, this equipment is a great tool that becomes indispensable in many occasions in our errands and entertainment. 

In this way, solar support will never be too much, and better yet, we will be giving a break to the planet. Since we will be using only free energy from the sun. 

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