Luces solares de exteriores y jardín

Solar outdoor and garden lights | the best in solar lighting [2022] and how to install them

We already know that solar lighting is the best eco-friendly and sustainable way to illuminate a place or space, and it is especially inclined for outdoors. We are talking about of the best in solar lighting outdoor.

That is precisely what solar energy is all about, transforming the sun’s radiation into electricity in an economical way. We are talking about clean energy, completely renewable, that will not leave any residue, nor deplete the natural resources of the planet. 

For all these reasons and more, it is worth giving it a chance, isn’t it?

But also, one of the advantages that seems most important, is the fact that the solar lamps and solar lights for outdoors and garden do not need major installation. So we can place them wherever we want and they do not depend on a grid or electrical source to operate. 

So, it is up to you to decide where to place them, as long as the sun’s rays shine directly on them during the day. 

That’s why, in the solar LED lighting range, which so far is the largest category of all. We choose the best outdoor solar lights and lamps and those that best suit any style of home.

Here is a whole range of outdoor lights and curious solar garden lights that may interest you. If you are up for something more adventurous, visit the solar lanterns section of our camping category.

¿What should you know first before buying and installing solar garden lights, lamps and spotlights?  ?  


Waterproofing or IP protection for solar lighting outdoor and garden lamps


If we review the technical data of electronic equipment or gadgets that have sensors, readers, controllers, meters, etc., we will find IP codes. We can find codes consisting of the letters IP (ingress protection) followed by two numbers or digits. This alludes to the degree of protection of the device. 

These IP degrees of protection refer to an international standard IEC 60529 Degrees of Protection. They indicate the level of protection of electronic devices with respect to the entry of external agents such as dust or water. The lowest degree of protection is IP00 and the highest IP68. As a general rule, we can say that the higher the IP rating, the more protection and weatherproofing our gadget or device will have.

First digit refers to the input of solid bodies

Impermeabilidad IP v inglés


Second digit refers to the water inlet.

Most of these devices have on average an IP65 degree of protection. This guarantees a very high level of protection of the gadgets, their durability, and good performance over time.

Lumens in outdoor solar lamps


The lumen is the International System of Measurement unit for measuring luminous flux, a measure of the luminous power emitted by the source.. Wikipedia

Lux is the unit derived from the International System of Units for illuminance or illumination level. It is equivalent to one lumen /m².. Wikipedia

The difference between Lumen and Lux is that Lux takes in consideration the area over which the luminous flux (Lumen) is projected. If a flux of 1000 Lumens is projected onto an area of one square meter, the illuminance of that area is 1000 Lux.
comparacion de lux y lumen ángulo iluminación
Angle of comparison between Lux and Lumen

Recommendations on ¿How to choose and install your outdoor and garden solar lamps?

Our recommendations for you who are looking for the best solar lighting gadget for your home, garden, court and any outdoor you are interested in illuminating are: 

colocar luz solar para jardin

  1. Analyze the land, garden or wall that you are going to illuminate, if possible take several photos at different angles and then observe and “mark” the places that you would be interested in decorating or illuminating.
  2. Verify what style of solar lamp you would like and the quantity for each place you have marked as a possible place of illumination.
  3. Also locate the site clear so that the sun’s rays fall directly on the panel of the gadget you choose for your place, that is, that there are no walls, ceilings, plants, walls or any other obstacle that prevents the sun’s rays to charge your device.

ubicar luz solar en puerta de entrada

If you are thinking of illuminating walls, windows, even doorstops and entrances, place the solar light on the entrance door:

        4. Check the height and the solar spotlight you are interested in for the place, if it is a lantern or streetlight type, maybe one for the corners of the walls, those with a wide opening degree are highly recommended, so you can place the spotlights to the places of your preference. 

Keep in mind that most of these have a motion sensor, so you will be more sure of its durability and that you will not be aware of turning them on or off.

Remember that the installation of all the solar lamps you see here, are totally simple and the best thing is that if at any time you want to move them, simply relocate them and that’s it! 

You don’t have to worry about waterproofing, taking into account the guide in the table you see above, so you can be sure to choose the outdoor solar lights that best suit you. Oh! of course you don’t have to move wiring! we are talking about solar energy!

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