panel solar para hogar

The Most Useful and Must-Have Solar Powered Gadgets for Home - Make your home smart with solar panels, decorations and more!

Solar powered gadgets for home are devices that have gained great importance and fame in recent years and some of them have become an “absolute necessity” in our houses.

Users have embraced the solar control device just as they have embraced electronic gadgets. Truth be told, the speed at which these solar home gadgets have become famous has additionally been enhanced by the need to maintain a greener earth by utilizing efficient energy.

Now, get an idea of the future and imagine a planet where everything runs using the power of the sun. For a picture of the future of the world would be deficient without the presence of gadgets powered by sunlight. 

Imagine your car, your refrigerator, your security lights, your dishwasher… all powered by the sun. After all, the sun is nature’s unconditional gift.

Well, and if you consider the possibility that it has revealed to you that the future you imagined is Now?.

Outdoor lights for decoration and illumination, security cameras and alarms, water fountains, solar panels and more: Gadgets for your home that only need sunlight.

In the range of solar devices for the home, you can find from ornaments to curious lighting gadgets. Decorate your home, office, apartment, cellar or whatever you want with these interesting items, while taking care of the planet!

You may already know that there are several ways to use your solar panels, for example to “recharge” a phone if you don’t have access to cellular coverage, or to charge your camera. However…

Did you know that you can also use your solar panels to power your home electronics? This is what we call solar gadgets! 

These solar gadgets are solar powered devices that are powered by your own solar panel. We have taken the liberty of listing these solar gadgets for home. 

And if you’re interested in rounding out this range with something for your home and specifically in the kitchen, you can check out our section on best solar ovens that will leave you impressed!

A few years ago, solar power was the stuff of distant dreams. However, that has changed. Solar power, which harnesses the sun’s energy to generate electricity, is now more affordable than ever and is becoming increasingly popular around the world. 

For this and more, solar energy, which is clean and environmentally friendly, offers an unparalleled opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Help the environment and save money and give an ECO tone to our homes!

Solar powered gadgets for home use

fuente solar de agua para jardin

Solar water fountain, excellent solar home gadget for birds and pool, nozzle with various types of sprayers, can be positioned to float or submerge, no wiring or batteries needed, works automatically when exposed to the sun, soothing water sounds.

casco duro con ventilador solar

Industrial security Helmet, solar ventilation hard hat, impact resistance, excellent solar gadget for home and construction works, remodeling of places where it is exposed to the heat of the sun, depending on the region the helmet is sold with different characteristics.

estatua solar con luz forma de tortugas

Outdoor garden statue with light, in the shape of turtles, excellent for decoration, Solar panel charges in 5 - 8 hours during the day and lights up automatically at night, weather resistant, check other figures and shapes.

estatua solar con luz forma de perro

Solar lantern dog statue, unique design, energy saving, great home lamp for garden as decoration. Use it as path light, tree house decoration, original solar gadget as patio light and many other areas of your home covering as you like.

solar powered gadgets for home – illuminate your house and decorate your garden. they are ecological equipment that will provide lighting to your home and make it look very nice

panel solar de 100w

High efficiency monocrystalline solar cell panel, IP65 waterproof, maximum panel voltage: 18.78 V, maximum power current: 5.32 A, 18.87 x 5.32 = 100 W, depending on the amount of sunshine they are exposed to, multi-layer laminates that enhance a long service life.

camara de seguridad solar wifi

Reolink Argus PT with solar panel - WiFi and 4G security camera system, 2-way audio, Alexa/Google Assistant/Cloud support, 1080p video quality, 100% wireless and solar powered, motion sensor, microSD card for recording.

Take advantage of the free, abundant energy of the sun wherever your home. This kit includes a roof-mountable solar panel, integrated roof attach and storage system and a powerful 5000mAh battery, to run all sorts of devices around the house. It’s perfect for cabins, tiny homes, garage and shed lighting, running fans or cooling systems in workshops, small appliances such as mini fridges, charging handheld electronics like phones or tablets and much more. 

Even with the grid online you can start using solar energy to reduce your utility bills. In case of an emergency this is a great backup power source to help you stay connected, keep your valuables safe and get food out of the freezer longer.

kit de panel solar 100w

100W Solar Panel Kit - ideal for home roofs, vehicles, boats, barns, sheds and supports, Lightweight panel type and very easy to transport and install, excellent quality, withstands strong winds, perfect for keeping batteries charged.

Panel solar flexible de 200 W

200W solar panel - Flexible and adaptable, eco-friendly and durable quality material, high efficiency monocrystalline cells, thin, lightweight and very easy to transport and install, perfect for remote areas where conventional electricity is not required or available.

sombrilla paraguas solar con luz led

Solar umbrella, with led lights, in solid steel and polyester, without any wiring, resistant weight support and wide canopy, perfect for outdoors and ready for the night with solar charging, ask for more colors.

sombrilla solar de pared

250cm Garden Wall Mounted Parasol with LED Solar Lights - Outdoor Patio, Umbrella Parasol with Tilt Adjustment, waterproof fabric with UV protection, sturdy metal pole.

alarma solar con sensor de movimiento

Solar alarm with sound, motion sensor, 110 decibel siren, sound alert and 6 LEDS, flash warning strobe security alarm system, solar gadget for farms, barns and home, totally wireless, no wiring needed.

alarma solar con control remoto

Solar strobe light and motion sensor alarm, 110 dB alarm light with sound security, IP65 waterproof, gadget with solar charging support for 30 days, 24 hours and night mode, for farms, stables, villas, yards and home.

lampara linterna solar colgante para jardin

Solar lantern type lamp for gardens and outdoors, LED solar hollow lantern design perfect for decorating, warm lighting. The hanging lantern can be hung in the house or in the air, or on the ground or on the steps, energy saving, automatic power on.

luz solar en forma de piedra para jardin

Solar decorative light for garden and outdoor, stone figure, decorative led lights perfect for patios and driveways, IP65 waterproof and resistant material, lighting angle is adjustable, plastic resin material, auto power on, 2 lighting modes.

luz solar en forma de buho para jardin

Solar owl light on a stake, perfect for garden, no need for wiring, automatic lighting when detecting darkness, realistic owl design, IP55 waterproof decorative light, durable non-toxic resin.

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