gadgets solares para camping

Best solar-powered camping gadgets for outdoor activities of 2022.

Wow! the category of the adventurers and people with a desire for outdoor walks, picnics, mountains, swimming pools, beaches and rivers! It is common that when we decide to take a long walk, vacation or go somewhere with family and friends, we take with us the necessary items to enjoy and spend pleasant moments. These are the Solar-powered Camping Gadgets!

Solar powered-camping gadgets are devices that are used to make camping more comfortable. Some of them are powered by non-renewable energy sources, while others can be powered by solar energy. 

For example, other solar-powered gadget for camping and hiking such as solar-powered fans are used to cool people in hot climates, and solar powered lamps provide light at night. Using solar-powered devices helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

So, here you will see a wide variety of Solar-powered Camping Gadgets that will make your camping experience much better.

The variety in solar-powered camping gadgets 

Some of the other solar powered devices, such as solar backpacks or solar panel charger, are perfect for any outdoor outing, you can keep your mobile devices on battery at all times. 

This is ideal for charging your cell phone, laptop or MP3 player when you’re out in the middle of nowhere. If you’re more of an old school type, you might be interested in our solar camping lights.


Backpack with solar panel for camping

gadget mochila solar para camping

Enerplex - solar backpack with powerful flexible panel for camping days, beach, rivers, withstands bumps, drops, punctures, includes padded laptop sleeves, expandable compartments, pen pockets and more.

mochila solar para camping playa

Eceen - solar backpack with high performance panel, charge multiple types of devices, for hiking, mountaineering, beach, picnic, camping, etc., ultralight and durable, check other colors.

panel solar flexible para mochilas

Sunnybag Leaf PRO - High quality solar backpack charger | 7.5 W | Flexible solar panel for hiking and camping | Lightweight and waterproof | Fits any hiking backpack | Includes attachment kit.

mochila con panel solar para camping

HAWEEL 14W Solar Backpack, with Solar Panel, Waterproof, with USB Charging Port, Solar Charger for travel, school, hiking, camping, cycling, Large Capacity 17 Inch, space for computers.

mochila bolsa impermeable solar para playa

Qoolife Sound PAQ - Spectacular Submersible and Waterproof Backpack with Speaker and Bluetooth with LED Color Light, keeps everything dry wherever you go, Kayaking, Rafting, Boating, Swimming, Camping, Hiking.

mochila solar antirrobo camping

FARAZ - Modern waterproof and anti-theft solar backpack, perfect for carrying laptop to work, school, outings, charge devices safely, padded, multiple compartments.

Portable solar fridges and coolers


Perfect for days at the beach or camping and vacationing, convenient to take anywhere, especially in summer. These fabulous portable solar fridges are the best Solar-powered Camping Gadgets and do not need ice to cool your food and drinks. Solar energy transforms the cooler into a powerful refrigerator, even for freezing food.
This solar cooler is a great investment if you plan to do a lot of camping. It can keep food and drinks cold without using electricity or ice. solar cooler gosun
You can also use this solar fridge to keep all your food or drinks warm, which is great in cold climates, for example. This solar fridge uses solar panels to power itself, so you don’t have to worry about charging it.
For this and more, a portable solar cooler like GoSun’s camping coolers are a must-have when you’re exploring the great outdoors. Not only do they keep food and drinks cold, but they also charge your devices when you’re out and about. 
In this article, we’ll review the best solar coolers for camping and what makes them great.
solar cooler acopower

Acopower - Solar cooler with telescopic handle and wheels, the camping gadget that is -4°F cooler and no ice needed, bigger space for products, LCD display and mobile app control, very durable, take anywhere.

hielera cooler portatil camping

Gosun - Solar fridge with wheels - solar gadget for camping or beach that doesn't need ice to cool, adjustable temperature on display, multiple ways to recharge other than solar, more space for food, cold or dry, can make own ice.

Best solar powered speakers with bluetooth


You can not miss the audio category within our range of speakers. This solar powered camping gadget is one of the most sought after for all kinds of adventures, hiking or camping days. Even not only for outdoors but for indoor use, meetings and any other time you need to take your own music with you. 
altavoz speaker bocina solar

ColorFoda - Wireless Bluetooth solar speakers, waterproof, portable, built-in solar panel, with Bluetooth 5.0, 5000 mAh battery, 50 H, super bass and bass stereo sound, for home party, shower, travel, pool, woods.

altavoz bocina solar bluetooth

ABFOCE - Portable outdoor solar Bluetooth outdoor waterproof solar speaker waterproof speaker with 5000 mAh battery, 60 hours play time, Dual speaker with microphone, stereo sound, shock resistant material, serves as a phone charger.

altavoz speaker bocina solar

Solar Gadget Mini Portable ABFOCE Mini Solar Gadget Speaker, with Bluetooth, fully waterproof 15 hours playing time, stereo sound, shockproof and dustproof for home, camping and outdoor, excellent sound quality, take everywhere.

altavoz speaker solar bluetooth

REVEAL - Solar and also wired speaker, portable wireless high range bamboo Bluetooth wireless Bluetooth speaker and phone charger, Solar camping gadget with Eco-friendly bamboo wood design, excellent stereo sound, compatible with any device and S.O., charge while you hear music.

Solar-powered flashlights and lanterns for camping 

Since this is a very wide range, we decided to select the best and most practical Solar-powered Camping Gadgets for camping day, if you are interested in any other type of lighting, visit our solar lighting category and you can find other varieties of lighting devices.
linterna solar de camping

NPET - Solar powered car flashlight and USB rechargeable, multifunction tactical, emergency tool, with window divider, seat belt, cutter, compass. very rugged, can charge cell phone.

linterna solar de emergencia plegable

JMADENQ - Solar lantern, USB rechargeable LED camping lantern, 2 in 1 foldable and portable for lantern emergency, hurricane, power outage, storm, backup cell phone charger, compact and rugged.

linterna solar plegable

MPOWERD - plastic foldable solar lantern, take it anywhere you want and deploy it when you need it, lantern type camping gadget, 4 lighting modes, easy to use, durable, hangable and submersible, low battery indicator.

gadget linterna farol solar colgable

AGPTEK Solar powered lantern, 5 modes crank Dynamo 36 LED rechargeable rechargeable emergency flashlight ultra bright LED flashlight, Solar camping gadget kit for hiking emergencies, hurricane, charge phones, hangable, rugged.

linterna solar plegable

KYNG LED rechargeable solar folding LED lantern for outdoor camping outdoor emergency built-in, power bank waterproof emergency phone charger, outdoor hiking lantern, USB charging, solar panel.

linterna solar de mano

Simpeak mini Portable or pocket LED Flashlight, ergonomic design, Waterproof with Solar charger, Dynamo Flashlight a solar gadget for Cycling, Camping, hiking - color Green [Energy Efficiency Class A] [Energy Efficiency Class A].

Solar showers for swimming pools, patios, garden, camping and outdoors


Nothing like solar showers, they are portable, modern and convenient to take anywhere. 
And whether you are about to enter your pool in the summer and want to take a shower before, or just a day of camping on the beach or mountain after a hot day. 
For this solar camping gadget it is important to take into consideration, always be near a water outlet to fill the tank of these showers. The transformed solar energy will make this fabulous gadget heat the water that you will use and in turn mix it with the water that is not hot to have a temperature to your liking. 
They also have support to fix them on the floor with screws or to balance them depending on the place where you take them, everything varies according to the model you have.
ducha bolsa solar portatil y camping

Summer shower- portable solar shower bag, ideal for camping or summer and beach days, rugged with integrated solar panel, hose, pocket for mirror or accessories, water temperature indicator, 5 gallons.

bolsa ducha solar para camping

Solar shower bag, 5 gallon/20 L, with removable hose and shower head with on/off switch and touch included, for camping, beach, swimming, outdoor, travel, hiking, with visible water temperature indicator, durable.

ducha solar para exteriores

Outdoor solar shower, modern look with single lever temperature control and foot faucet, portable or floor standing, solar powered water heater 140° F, easy installation with all accessories.

ducha solar de jardin y exterior

GF Garden Sunny Style - portable outdoor shower, for camping and vacations, hot and cold water mixer, sprayer and adjustable height and pressure regulator.

Other solar powered gadgets for camping.

ventilador solar con luz de camping

Solar fan with outdoor lights, adjustable direction, for tables or floors, includes a hook for hanging, bright LED light, 3 fan speeds, perfect size for travel and light weight, very versatile.

hervidor solar de agua para camping

Solar water kettle for survival, temperature indicator, design to keep fabrics or food warm, practical portable gadget with little space and weight for camping and always have boiled water wherever you go.

linterna radio solar para camping

Solar flashlight and radio with phone charger, excellent camping gadget, 3 modes of flashlight and reading lamp, rugged and waterproof, besides solar several charging methods, good sound.

Lamparas solares exteriores anti mosquitos

Indoor and outdoor solar powered bug and mosquito zapper, provide light, with hanging hook, 80 square feet effect, for home, bedroom, garage, kitchen, office, camping.

And to complete your range of camping gadgets. Don’t forget to take a look at the category of the best solar ovens for hiking, picnics and camping, mountain walks, beaches and any adventure where you need to have at hand your perfect tool to cook in the middle of nowhere, without electricity, wires or fuels!