Hi, nice to have you here, thank you in advance for wanting to know a little more who is behind this website, let me tell you a little about myself:


My name is Jorge, I am a computer engineer from the University Alejandro De Humboldt in Caracas, Venezuela, passionate since I was born with animals and the cosmos, as well as any technology that brings value and optimization to any process, activity or system and not only to the human but to the environment, I have always liked to support people who need it most and within my available resources, I do not hesitate to help those who require it, without expecting anything in return.

That’s why I decided to create this website because it seems simple, but the amount of products that work with solar energy, that could help us in our daily tasks, is simply colossal! And not only that, but we could also make the overall energy consumption that is wasted on the planet, decrease to levels not seen for many centuries, imagine a planet where only 50% (which is too much to say) use a high percentage of solar products in their daily lives, in just a couple of years, the planet would simply be another and beyond the green world, the economic savings that each individual could get by adopting that mentality, would definitely change the life of the user.

Ok… I know I won’t change the world with just a website 😉 but I wanted to show to those who visit it, that there are many more economical options to optimize their rhythm of life and family or even work activities, simply by acquiring an affection for solar devices.

I have based all the articles and texts you will see here in an extensive and thorough research by many different sources of information, I am totally impartial with respect to the brands and models you see here, also if something changes, I will be attentive to keep the web updated!

Thank you for visiting, I sincerely hope that you find whatever you are looking for!